Sunday, 17 October 2010

Here we go!

After enjoying your lovely bloggs I have decided to have a go myself. I'm a total novice when it comes to complicated things but I'm going to try.

Today my men went off for the day to a motorbike trial, I had a bit of a lie in as I didn't start work untill 1pm. As I was making my coffee this morning I heard the sound of a hot air balloon in the distance. The sound of this brought back memories of our dog Merlin. Merlin died this year in February, he always heard the balloons before us and would bark at them going over our house.It was the only thing he ever barked at. We all miss him so much and it made me sad when I heard that familiar noise and he wasn't there to let me know. He was a Black Lab and had the best temperment you could ever wish for. In the 12 years of his life I had never heard him growl once, even when he was not feeling well.