Friday, 20 May 2011

Bargain find.

We have a great little second hand shop near me. I was delighted with my latest find. Even though thre is a little crack and chip its still beautiful and a bargain at £2.00.

Baking Day.

It was hubbys birthday a few weeks ago which fell during Jasmines last vistit. As she loves to bake cakes and deccorate them she had a baking session.
She made her uncle a gorgeous chocolate cup cake tower birthday cake which was yummy!!
She even washed up!! Bless her.

summer house reclamation.

Once many years ago I had a summer house. Untill it was taken over by my boys and used as a workshop, bike shed and general dumping ground.
This is how it ended up looking, very dismal and sad. Then Jasmine and I put our foot down and reclaimed it and turned it back into a peace haven.

Its so lovely to go there and relax for a few moments. I now have installed my sewing machine and bit and bobs so I can get creative when I feel like it. I love it, so pleased we did it.