Tuesday, 13 December 2011

This year I wanted to create a heavenly window display with white feather boas and angels. However I can not find the box in the loft with my angels in. So I have had to change my theme and go with a red and white window. The pictures don't show the feathers very well but they are meant to look like snow and I've added a couple of reindeer. I have trimmed the vase with candy canes and i have them counted!

The tree is decorated with all white, silver and glass ornaments. I need more twigs and foliage and silver spay to finish the fire place.

A glimpse of the reindeer walking through the feather snow.

I have been looking for some of these old style paper snowflakes for ages. I have seen them on the Internet but didn't bother buying any. I'm pleased I didn't £1 each in Wilko!

They look nice in the conservatory and move under the heat of the radiator.

This star I bought a few weeks ago in Ikea, it is the smallest one they had and its quite big. Ive put it in the bedroom window.

As Jasmine will be here for a few days next week I have treat myself to some Christmas cake tins £4.99 in the Yorkshire Trading Co.

When I was little the decorations went up in a night, this year has taken me days and I still don't feel "done"!  I do work full time and have been on nights for three weeks so its been a busy time.

 Next week I have a weeks holiday so hopefully will get finished. Lots to do, pantomime to fit in, make a gingerbread house, ice the cake and have a crown fitted at the dentist. Best not to think about it, make a list and get on with it! 

I have had a go at making frilly flower heads similar to a poppy. These could be worn as a broach or attached to a hair pin and worn as a hair decoration. They were quite easy to make just a little care needed as to get the irregular edge you need to singe the fabric over a candle.

I probably should have taken an individual picture to show them at their best, but they really are effective. You could even use them to decorate a gift instead of a bow. I have added different centres some have tiny beads sewn on, some have pearls and some have glass buttons. Quite nice to look at. I think so anyway!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Winter Wild Life.

Last year I happened to look out of the kitchen window and there was two cock pheasants sitting on the summerhouse roof. By the time I got the camera one had jumped down. It was lovely to see.

This little fox has been visiting for about the past four or five years. She is difficult to see in the winter unless there is snow on the ground, but in the summer evenings she is often seen just sitting with her tail wrapped around her waiting for food. One of our neighbours has been leaving food for her so she comes back most nights. I am surprised she has survived as many a night the fields are lit up with the lamps of people out shooting and hunting with dogs.

My garden last winter not sure when exactly but I think it was in December.

Not a good picture but here are a couple of Roe Deer in the field. My camera cant bring the pics any closer, again the deer have been seen around this time of year for a few years now. I am also worried about their safety as again the people with guns and dogs have been known to go after the deer too. Why? It is such a pleasure to look out of the window and have such a treat it really makes my day especially in the cold long dark days of wintertime.