Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting ready for Halloween.

Here are some snaps from past Halloween. I am needing some inspiration for this year. I was thinking of a witch scarecrow scene with pumpkins. The problem is usually the weather, the wind is quite bad around this time of year and the outdoor decorations get battered. Any ideas?

The Printers Drawer.

This is my printers drawer. It was used when printing was done manually and the printer had all of the letters etc. in little compartments in drawers like this one. Wall mounted, it is a great way to display bits and bobs that once lay around the house probably in a drawer or a box and never got looked at. It is amazing just how many people stop and look at this little display. Mine has badges, spoons, mini weights, old coins, shells, my grandads game keeping whistle tiny bottles my nurses medals and much more.

Finishing off projects.

Over the last year I have had several crochet projects on the go. I was accumulating many bags full of balls of wool and crochet squares. I have eventually got round to putting them together ready for the colder evenings.

This one I really like as it was my first attempt at trying different crochet patterns. I have done a basket weave, cables and a lacy design. I put them all together to make a patchwork style blanket. I would have liked to make it bigger but It would have took forever.

This one is just a little rug that goes over a foot stool and was made up of the left overs.

Here is a display of some of the pressed glassware I have been collecting. Yet again I am running out of space but you can stack these up on top of each other. I find it quite difficult to photograph glass but it looks nice when it catches the light.

The nice thing is that I use all of this stuff so its not just collecting dust!