Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Finishing off projects.

Over the last year I have had several crochet projects on the go. I was accumulating many bags full of balls of wool and crochet squares. I have eventually got round to putting them together ready for the colder evenings.

This one I really like as it was my first attempt at trying different crochet patterns. I have done a basket weave, cables and a lacy design. I put them all together to make a patchwork style blanket. I would have liked to make it bigger but It would have took forever.

This one is just a little rug that goes over a foot stool and was made up of the left overs.


  1. Gorgeous crochet!!! I love the red and cream granny blanket - really cosy :)

    Louise x

  2. I love the first blanket it looks like it's covered in snowflakes just right for snuggling under when it does snow, Lucey x