Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting ready for Halloween.

Here are some snaps from past Halloween. I am needing some inspiration for this year. I was thinking of a witch scarecrow scene with pumpkins. The problem is usually the weather, the wind is quite bad around this time of year and the outdoor decorations get battered. Any ideas?


  1. WOW you've certainly entered into the "spirit" of things!! Love the gingerbread halloween house did you make it yourserlf or buy it? Lucey x

  2. Thanks, I cheated and bought the kit in aldi last christmas. I do have a cutter set to make my own gingerbread house but I was in a rush, will try at christmas x

  3. Wow! I really thought you were American at first because they seem to really get into the halloween spirit, shocked you are not! (I think not anyway because you are from the UK?)

    Love all the decorations and we have just bought one of those gingerbread houses from Aldi to do for Christmas :)

    Hope it is yummy!

    Jazz xo