Thursday, 6 October 2011


I never realised how many people were interested in utility china. I am slightly obsessed with "Woods Ware Beryl". My Grandma used this daily and the green china takes me back to when I was little, I can almost smell her kitchen.

Her kitchen was very small but it had a tiny coal fire in the corner, I used to love sweeping the hearth and throwing the bits in the fire. My Granda would say "watch that brush doesn't catch light!". When she died some of the remaining china came to us, then when I got married they must have come to me somehow. When I discovered eBay I began to collect, this is an old pic as I have more now. My latest is a set of breakfast cups however, I'm a bit disappointed as they don't seem a big as I remembered, unless it is because I was little then!

If you look on top of my dresser you will see another collection. I was going through a Cottage Ware phase at the time. At the moment though I am looking for bone china tea sets, complete if possible. May mam will say "and where are you going to put that?" She is right but I cant stop, I have even got stuff packed away in the loft. Well its my day off today so i'll let you know what I find!!