Sunday, 5 June 2011

I came across these denim look serviettes in the "pound shop" a while ago (£1.00 for four). I also bought a pack of ribbon and a pack of felt. So I customised the serviettes and made a set of place mats for £3.00. Another bargain!

Orphan chicks.

A couple of weeks ago we had a broody hen sitting on some eggs. They were due to hatch within a couple of days when I found that mother hen had been taken by a fox.

With a bit of quick thinking we managed to get the eggs into an incubator. We thought that the eggs may have gone cold and we wouldn't be able to save the chicks. How wrong we were as eight healthy chicks survived. It was lovely for Jasmine to get to feed them while she was here.

We have put them into the stable until they are big enough to let out into the open. But with a fox still at large we will be careful as he has been back since and tried a turkey for supper!

More Junk!

Jasmine and I had a visit to the nearby junk shop the other day. We spotted this old Lloyd Loom style bedroom cabinet, another bargain as we got him down to £7.00.

Its ideal for keeping Jasmines books in, as it has a little cupboard with a door. We can store them safely away as I'm a little worried about mice and the damage they can do.