Saturday, 22 October 2011

Halloween happenings!

There are strange things popping up in my garden this Autumn!

And now I have Rats!

And friends who need feeding!

Its just aswell Jasmines comming to stay. It will be another "Co. Durham Bake Off"! I have plenty of cup cake supplies to keep her going this week. Then hopefully we will be going to Beamish for Halloween again this year. Pics will follow.

Vintage Fair for the Boys!

The love of all things vintage does not only rest with me in the household. My husband is very keen on vintage motorcycles and has in recent years restored  a Royal Enfield Bullet. He gets this from his dad who has been a vintage motorcycle enthusisast for many years. He has a spectacular collection of British motorbikes that he has restored to showroom condition over the years.

We have  also recently bought a vintage "Ferguson" tractor.The engine has been rebuilt, now waiting for some body work restoration to begin probably next year. Last weekend we went to a vintage tractor show at Alnwick in Northumberland so that we could see what was on show. It was a nice day out, father in law had one of his old bikes on show, and my dad had a trip down memory lane!

My brother has been a tractor fanatic ever since he was able to sit on my Dads knee and steer the tractor my dad was driving. He had a huge farm set with animals & tractors etc., his imagination was fantastic he entertained himself for hours as a child (and also the adults watching him play). He would talk to himself pretending he was the farmer giving out orders and telling his pals what they needed to do on the farm etc. He even made the noises of the different vehicles he was using at the time. He still tells a good story today!!  Anyway, all these years later he has bought the real thing a "David Brown" tractor his namesake. He was always proud of the fact that there was a tractor with the same name as himself. So with the help of my husband he has embarked on a huge restoration project.

My husband and sons having a good look about at the tractors on display.

Husband giving an interested spectator some information about the "Douglas".

Old threshing machine demonstration.
 My Dad telling the boys how it was done!

My brother explaining the workings of the tractor to my youngest son.

Men at work, how hard it must have been in those days. Dry, dusty heat, no health and safety!

Not like today with these beasts!