Sunday, 9 October 2011

Home made pjs.

When I was younger my Mam made most of my clothes. I used to get sick of the endless fitting & pinning, clothes on and off etc. Also I wanted to be like my friends who sometimes had identical clothes bought at the same shop. How ungrateful I was.

I had a go at making a couple of garments while at school & college but my Mam always finished them off. She still claims to have a O level in needlework! As I am running out of inspiration for crafting or maybe just need a new challenge, I decided to make myself something to wear. I bought a pattern for some pyjamas and some cheap fabric (crinkly, silky stuff, £2.oo per metre at Boyes). They have turned out very well, I have surprised myself, they are comfortable too. My 16 yr old was a little worried when he saw me ironing the pants until I explained they were pjs!!

Also my new squashy pillow looks CKish I feel, and very comfortable. £3.99 at B&Ms. Its not somewhere I go but have had some quite pretty little things from there.