Monday, 19 September 2011

This summer we decided not to go away as we usually do as last year was a bit of a disappointment. The oldest son only came for a few days and the youngest son complained of being bored! So I decided to use the time to get some much needed work done on our house before the winter sets in. The garage roof has been neglected for years and I think another winter will bring it down. So my clever husband has set about replacing the roof and extending our utility room to double its size. This will sort out the problem of where to put all of the shoes and coats that get strewn about the kitchen. The work is in progress...

Due to missing out on a holiday I felt I needed a little treat to cheer me up! So I bought these delightful goodies.
The bag was a little empty I felt!

So I added these, a purse (as everything tends to go in my back pocket) a make-up bag and a gadget bag for my mobile phone (as I keep ringing people by accident when the phone is in my other back pocket).
These have been admired very much by my work friends and also envied by one or two!